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Sunday, May 21, 2006

confessions of the mind

in some sort of conversation this past week, DH and I both started talking about the gender of our children-to-be. He confessed to me that he has hope that we would have a girl for our first child. WOW. I was amazed, not shoced, and relieved that he was yet again matching my most inner thoughts and hopes for our future adoption. I know, we can't be beggers and choose the gender of our baby, that is just not us, but we can hope and wish for things. DH and I have this connection, an unspoken one. I told him that it was amazing that he felt this way because it was the exact same way I felt too. He wants a Daddy's little GIRL and I can't wait to see him spoiling our baby girl one day. Sure, I hope it is our first childs gender too, but we will not be greedy and request that. I wholeheartedly will love our baby no matter the gender when he or she is placed in our arms. Unconditionally. No doubts.

DH and I have unspoken words that sometimes surface and sometimes are exactly what the other is thinking/wishing/hoping for. I love when a couple has that innermost connection.

Ok, I am in the 2nd hour of my pre-surgery prep. Yuck. All I can say is Magnesium Citrate is NASTY and I won't be leaving the house for the next 10 hours as I am tied to the toilet. Yuck. Sorry,,, TMI TMI TMI..


symone said...

Bec just want to wish you all the best for tomorrow and pray for a speedy recovery.

Many hugs to you hun


Renee said...

Hi there Bec- wishing you an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery. Won't it be nice to have that era of your life over and done with. I'm sure there has to be mixed emotions... My DH and I have that same connection; we will say the same things at the same time, just look at eachother and know what the other is thinking. I don't know if it's 'cause we're "meant to be" or just that we've been together so long. Anyways- I totally understand the "gender" thing. Yes, beggers can't be choosers, and I didn't think I cared either way, but when we found out both were girls, all was right with the world (well, it already was anyways). You will be awesome parents either way- I'm so excited and eager for you!!!! Good luck tomorrow- you will be in my thoughts and prayers...

So Jaded said...

I wanted to wish you the best tomorrow and a speedy recovery, too. Will be thinking of you!!!