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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Wow... My sister asked me, upon driving into the very back parking lot of the school baby mania sale yesterday to find a parking spot, if I had ever been to one of these baby mania sales. My reply, "Nope". She got all excited and looked at me and said that I would be overwhelmed. Well I was not so much overwhelmed, but instead I was in SHOCK. Sure, you have those re-sellers that love to overprice their items, but then there are those families that love a bargain so they sell at a bargain too. I so live for those kinds of sales.

This is the first score I found this picture frame for the first year. $.75

Then my mom came across this rug. Mind you it was only 10 bucks and on ebay right now they are selling between 45-60 bucks plus shipping. HA

We found several gender neutral sleepers, a pair of crib shoes for about $2.50 total(no, not all john lennon motif) and all of these stuffed animals 1 2$.25 3$.25 and one picture frame $1

Then I came across this NEW in package Floor play mat for 7 bucks.

I swear to you my mom and sister are really getting into this nursery decorating, BUT now we have a large number of items in the nursery so we will have to chill on this.

Last night I went online to burlingtons baby depot and registered.

Today I get to put a list of names and addresses together for the baby shower my family is insisting on having next month(of course I have qualms about this because we don't have a match and placement yet of our future baby, but I am enjoying preparing for that day so I guess a shower will be added fun in the prep).

I really feel that some items are necessary to buy new so a travel stroller system will be new and not purchased from friends, family or yard sales. What items did you insist be new?
I love my family, but they are wanting to do hand-me-downs for mostly every item related to a baby. I don't feel totally safe with the car carrier seats they have because they are SEVERAL years older. Is that wrong of me to insist on a new item? Selfish?


Tempe said...

Actually, I read somewhere that you shouldn't use a car seat for more than 5 years. So even if you buy new for the first child and have more, you may have to replace it. Which doesn't make much sense to me, becuase isn't plastic supposed to last forever? Apparently, it can weaken.

Also, if you purchase a used carseat, you have no way of knowing if it has been in an accident. If it has, it is supposed to be thrown away and replaced. I would not purchase a used car seat.

That having been said, with Becca I wanted everything to be new. Now, with the boys, not much matters.

I went with new cribs. I wouldn't be comfortable with a used one, unless I knew who it was from and how old. I would be afraid of it perhaps collapsing, on top of the bit about safety with the slat width.

Clothes, don't care anymore. They go through them too fast in the first year. After that, they clothes are worn longer, so I try to get more new.

Bottles. If from someone you know, okay. Otherwise, new. Speaking of, I have lots of Playtex Ventaire Natural Shape bottles that you are welcome to. They are the kind with the wide nipple that is supposed to decrease nipple confusion. My boys didn't like them.

High chair, used is fine.

Stroller, used is fine.

Pack n Play type thing. The hinges can get weak and it can collapse and hurt a kid. Of course, ours is still in almost new condition, because we have barely used it for our kids. It depends on whether it will be used much or not.

Exersaucer. Definately go used. You can take off the cloth seat and wash it. You can wipe down the toys with a Lysol wipe. They run about $70-90 new. Not worth it.

Toys, used, unless they are stuffed animals. Although I have still ended up purchasing them used. I try not to, because they are hard to get clean. I'm not a clean freak, but I prefer stuff to be clean before it goes in their mouths the first time. After that, it is a build-up of germs.

Books, new at first. They chew on them and they get badly abused. I personally prefer clean new board books to go in their mouths.

Have I forgotten anything?

Paper_whore said...

There are some things that hand-me-downs are not good for. If a car seat is over 5 years old, I would question it. It might be usable if it has the 5-point harness (basically if it meets the current standards), but if you are worried, put it on your registry and let someone buy you a new one. You can always take whatever car seat you end up with to your local fire station and they will elt you know if it is up to snuff.

K&M said...

I think going new with any safety related item is the way to go. Car seats, strollers...the regulations can change and you want to have the most up to date equipment. Clothes, blankets, etc are great second hand, as babies seldom wear them out, and they are so expensive new.

One other place to look is a children's consignment store, as they often have almost new strollers. Doesn't hurt to look...

Millie said...

You did amazing at that sale. What scores you got!

I love reading about all the planning you're doing and hearing your excitement. Here's hoping it will all happen quickly for you.

Mich said...

No, it's not selfish!! And when it comes to carseats, it's really about safety. Car seats have an "expiration date" on them (imprinted in plastic, I think, though I've never looked), plus they say to always buy a new one. Heck,the people at Graco say not to even pass it down from sibling to sibling. I don't know about that, but I've read that you shouldn't buy "used" carseats b/c you don't know the crash history. If it's been in an accident, it may be compromised.

So we got a new infant carrier/travel sysem (worth every penny) and 5 months later my hoss of a daughter was ready for a new rear-facing convertible seat, which we had save some gift cards to purchase.

Other than that, we were all about the hand me downs, but here's the thing--once she got her, people went hog-wild on new stuff!

tubelessstl said...

Thank you, each and every one of you for posting. I am in the car insurance industry(I work in IT), but we get updates periodically that tell us to NOT buy car seats used and to watch the expiration dates also. I am glad you all posted about that. Reminds me to tell my mom to check her car seat expiration date because she will be babysitting 4 grandchildren when we have our baby placed with us too.

I do remember about the fire departments installing car seats properly and my cousin is now a city firefighter so I will ask him when the time comes to make sure we are all set up, although my sister insists she is an expert with car seat installs because she has had experience from her 3 kiddo's now. hehe.. I bet she has.

It is really hard not to buy too many sleepers and onesies yet. Gender neutral is the goal and my sister said to wait until our shower and we can then buy after that if needed. See, I look for 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 month items because we just don't know what age or size of baby we will be placed with. FUN to guess though. We are so open to either gender so I will just have to hang in there and then do the handme downs after we know for sure and then hit the resale shops my sister raves about and yardsales! WEEEEEE!

Tempe, I will let you know about those bottles. I have 3 different kinds at home (3 sets of 3) that my mom insisted to buy for us already. She said I won't be able to tell what the baby will like as far as bottles and nipples, but hopefully with trying to do the breastfeeding, I might be able to only need a few bottles for day feedings when I am at work. Crossing my fingers that I can do this bf'ing protocol after my partial hysterectomy.

Nursery furniture was inherited. I checked for recalls and don't have any on the crib so that is good. It is from my sister and I love the set. Welsch baby carriage company is where she and her then DH and my mom and I went ot buy it. I remember being there when she got it. Geesh that was a while ago, but again the crib is in spec/regulations and no recalls so I gladly accepted it. Now to find a nice glider and ottoman for the nursery.

Thanks again for all your support and help through this all. I am saying my prayers on a daily basis that we hear good news all around us soon.