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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Say Cheese

you bet I will have camera in hand and will try and snap a picture or two of DH diapering the babydoll in our parenting class tomorrow night. OMG> I can't wait. If I can't do it with my camera then I will try it with my cell phone camera(but wait, I have to buy the cord to allow me to upload my cell camera pics to my pc. )

I can brag and say I have a pretty good knowledge of babies and how to diaper and care for them (teach them things, read to them, etc) since I babysat many different kids growing up. I started babysitting at the age of 13. Yes, 13! And no, back then they did not request (parents that is) to be infant CPR certified and THANK GOODNESS I never had to once use that skill. I was a good baby sitter and Always got rave reviews from the kiddo's and was called back often to repeat jobs. I was blessed to have babysat for one friend of the family from when the baby was 3 weeks old until she was almost 6 years old. It was a great job, heck I bought my first sound design stereo turntable and my first 10 speed bike from that money. hehe. She was my steady job each summer and often weekend nights. We had so much fun growing up together and now that little girl is a police officer! Amazing. This leads into the fact that I KNOW I will be a great mom. Sure, I will have my ups and downs and seek advice on things I have never encountered or need to adjust in our parenting to be, but I have a good feeling we both will be great parents. I just hope our kids will grow up and give us RAVE reviews one day. hahaha

Next weeks last parenting class will consist of successful adoption stories and a birthmother and adoptive mother panel. Hmmmmm

Insomnia is bad. Off to rest with a lunesta involved!


Millie said...

Hope the lunesta helped. I get horrible insomnia at times and it's so frustrating.

Have fun with the diapering class. Can't wait to see the pics.

Mich said...

Of course you will be a great mom! Have fun at your class!! Hopefully the successful adoption stories will be uplifting and make everything seem even more real.