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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hyterecomy date set. I am done with this

out with my defective uterus.

May 22nd is the day. Just waiting on the call from the doc's office to say what time I have to be there. LAVH is what they call it. Laporoscopic assisted vaginal hysterecomy(partial as we will possibly leave the ovaries in there). I will be in for about 24 hours if no complications. I am sad this has to happen, but I am not able to function each month like this with major bleeding and down time from work. I live in the bathroom each cycle day 2-6 and it is not worth it anymore. I will spare you the details.

My insurance did not balk at booking this even though it is a new company we have since January. Thank goodness.

more later


jennifer said...

Congratulations! I had this exact same surgery in November 2004 and I feel so much better. You will, too. :)

jennifer said...

P.S. ...and your having your surgery on my birthday - LOL!