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Saturday, April 22, 2006

enjoying the support

When I take my Saturday mornings and hit the subdivision yard sales and such(a very bad habit my mom taught me at a young age, yard sales that is!) , I am looking for 0-3, 3-6 month sleepers of gender neutral colors, socks, blankets that my mom can embroider with the John Lennon Real love caricatures. Today I had such wonderful support from those that asked what gender of baby we were having and I told them I did not know because we are trying to adopt an infant and we are open to gender. Every person that asked today was so supportive and told me that they wished us success and that they thought it was wonderful that we are adopting. Man, I can't be more thanful for such great support even from strangers in our path to become mommy and daddy sooner or later.

Oh, btw, This is DH in the adoptive parenting class last week trying to diaper the baby doll. Bahahaha. He did pretty good actually. I know he has never changed a diaper on a real baby before and this was a good learning experience for him. I also got this one of him putting the baby dolls clothes back on. hehe

So I think we are mostly set for the next situation to come about, now just praying to God that we don't have to wait that long and that we can receive good news sooner than later.

Off to register at Target.

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