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Sunday, April 09, 2006

marching forward

today is a good day. AF is nearly gone. YEAH. LIke you need to know that.. but get it, this brings us closer to may 22nd(see below) and Freedom from the mean AF.

Camping this past weekend was great. I was able to relax and get some sleep yesterday. Now to get myself to go to bed early tonight. LOL Yeah right.

Soprano's is on next, then that show on HBO with Bill Paxton... Big Love or Real love or something like that. LOL... Oh I have tivo to watch too. fun.

Al MacInnis night for the St. Louis Blues is going on right now. The St. Louis Blues retired his jersey number into the rafters at the Savvis Center tonight. Congrats to Al and his family. I miss his style and grace on the ice. We so need him. Our beloved Blues did not have a very nice season. Heck, I feel as though I have not connected with this hockey season at all this year. Sad. Maybe next year. Anyway..... Thanks for all your hard work and making hockey fun for us all Al MacInnis.

Ok, off to catch up on emails. BTW, what is up with the 470 spam emails I had in my email box today? dang it.

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