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Monday, April 10, 2006


never in the 7 years of IF did I even venture to the baby registry sites online and I totally avoided going into the stores if possible. (yes, walgreens sells gift cards!!)

So, I asked DH to join me in going to the store and registering. My mom has bugged me over the last week to register soon. Hmmm, I wonder why?!

I got a list from the chesterfield store, it was from the events coordinator that is hosting the adoptive parenting event on April 29th. If you need details, post and I will email them to you. Yup, BBRU is having an event. I also got word of a free event on May 5th I think. I will have to find that info and pass it along to you all. It is involving agencies, vendors, etc all realted to adoption. Fun.

I registered on pampers.com and will register with the formula companies too. I am not sure if this adoptive breastfeeding try will work for us, but we will see after the may 22nd surgery. I can't start the meds now because I can't be on them for surgery.

Any other sites you recommend I register on?

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Pitypat said...

Have you tried Sweet Tomotoes? They have a fundraiser program....
I would love to see you reach the 10,500 goal!