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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cardinals fans.. come one come all

I was born and raised a St. Louis Cardinal Baseball fan. I live about 12 minutes from the downtown stadium. The St. Louis Cardinals NEW Busch Stadium is in my sights for the game Tuesday night to see the Memphis Redbirds(farm club for our St. Louis Cardinals) team whomp up on Double-A Springfield. hehe.

I will take my camera, binoculars, and warm clothes if it gets cold. I am so pumped. We will be there for the first ever game played, although not THE St. Louis Cardinals team initiation... but still. WOW.

I will post pictures later in the week.

I can't wait to see how well our St. Louis Cardinals team does this year.


former lover of hockey, but always a Red BIRD FAN!

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Tony said...

What'd you think of the new stadium? I was happy overall. There are a few things, but like Busch II, I like some aspects and hated others.

I think the views are spectacular.

Check my blog for my flickr account with my photos from April 4 and April 8.