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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


why must we have cravings for chocolate?

What is your favorite chocolate? candy bar? ice cream? tell me what your fix is!

mine today, twix bar!

does your craving change? or are you the traditional one type of chocolate lover?


Mich said...

Any chocolate, anytime, really...but just plain chocolate ice cream doesn't do it for me--just leaves me thirsty. Chocolate chunks or something, now that's good stuff. Yum!! And it's only 7 am....

Pitypat said...

My grandpa was a cady salesman - can you imagine? (my teeth put the dentists kids through college) ANyway - my favorite all time candybar was always Baby Ruth. But....I always said - "If they would only come out with a candybar combining babyruth and Reeses Peanut butter cups - I would love it" And Fast Break came out. So that's in competition with the Baby Ruth for 1st place. Now ask me how long it's been since I bought a candy bar???? boohoo - way too long!!