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Saturday, April 01, 2006

are you counting? I'm not

Yeah Right. Hahahahaha.

Today is day 11 of the wait since our home study was approved(trying to find one of those tickers to post here). Day 11 of knowing that there really is a baby out there for us. Just think, there could be a baby gestating that could be born in days, weeks, months times to our hearts and arms. I can only imagine the worries, heartaches and pain the potential birthmother would be going through. I often find blogs online to read of birthmothers and have found a new respect for what they have gone through. No, I will never fully understand their side of things as might they never understand our side of things, but I hope and pray that they find the strength in their hearts to make it through their decisions no matter what the situations turn out to be or whom they decide on to welcome their child into home and heart.

I am able to finally go out and shop for baby things in stores. Most recently we were looking for a baby changing table, no not a changing table, but really a dresser that I could use the top of it for the baby's changing station. To put a changing pad on top of and have drawers below to put clothes, diapers, wipes, necessities in below where I change our future baby and dress them.

I have also been looking at glider/ottoman's. I have a nice rocker, but I wanted something very comfortable. But we will see if that is something I can swindle from family. hehe. Oh, we did find the dresser/changing table from my mom's boyfriend. I have to paint it, but that is ok. I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a dresser when I can find one near and welcome it in from family. Heck the crib is from my sister who had purchased it new for my niece who is now near 13 years old(nope, no recalls on it either from the Welsh baby carriage company). A Family heir loom hand me down that I proudly accepted. FUN.

Now, you all know it is Spring time and yard sale season. I am on my way out the door now to recycle my soda cans and use that money for baby items I can find for the nursery. Crib sheets, onsies...etc. I am also hoping to find one or two lamps for the room too. Wish me luck.

CHEERS to wonderful weather this very day. YEAH.

check you all later.

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JennyK said...

How exciting to be in the buying/planning stage of everything. Kudos to you for not wasting your money on a stupid changing table -- buying a regular dresser and putting a changing pad on top works just as well and you'll get a lot more years out of it. Also, consider investing in a REALLY good glider. This is ours: http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3ce26b3127cce9b0dad4e781a00000055108AbN27Fo0ZNc I love it! You'll spend a lot more time in it than you might think -- you should be comfy!