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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter? Huh, what day is it?

(Easter, Baby Shower & baby registry, then friends son's death ment below) Fair warning! Read at your own risk.

ha... This is the first Easter I ever remember NOT attending a family function in my life. EVER. My family always had family gatherings for Easter for as long as I could remember back(4 years of age is my first memory or so)including that yucky coconut bunny cake my gram use to bake.. YUCK. We use to dye eggs the night before and then the men in the family would go over to Tower Grove Park and Klemm and hide about 6 dozen eggs in the trees, grass, bushes, etc and then would drive back to the house(about 4 blocks away ). They would pick us all up and we would go to the park and have a blast (we always left one adult at the park to guard our eggs while they went to get us). We always came back to the house to figure out how many eggs would be left behind accidentally. See, the adults would forget where they hid them and us kids would never be able to find them all. (mind you this involved about 12 of us kids, my sis & bro and the rest cousins). I wonder how many animals found our treasure eggs. LOL

I just don't feel like doing anything.. I am not feeling well today anyway. Tummy upset from the jalapeno's I had on my nacho's at the ball park yesterday. Gee gads, You know think I would know better, but damn, food with a kick of spice is my life. BTW, row 8 section 150 behind home plate is a nice place to sit. Thanks to DH for scoring those tickets!

DH and I did it, we registered at babiesrus Friday night. FUN. It really did not bother me seeing other women in there with bellies out to there in their cute maternity tops. Really. I thought it would, but I was pleasantly surprised to be more focused on check marking off the items that DH was running around scanning with that fun scanner. For some odd reason when I would make a wise crack to him he would turn and try and scan my boob. MEN! ha. Gotta love the humor in this man. No, you can't scan my boob you dumbass. So we went from department to department and had fun seeing what odd things we could add to the list that others might crack up about when they see the registry. The assistant (employee) at the registry desk asked us a due date and that is when we told her we were adopting. She was very excited for us and asked us when our baby was to arrive. We told her we were not matched yet and that we were told by family to go register because they are having a Baby Shower for us. YEAH! So we used our shower date as our due date. Boy, wouldn't that be nice if we have a match and placement by then....

Baby Shower date: June 16th. Fun. Co-ed baby shower so I am sure it will be fun. It is strange to not be pg and have a shower, but to be expecting through adoption without a due date is not so bad. I have a large extended family and have attended all of their baby showers so I am sure this shower will be of a large size too. I was coaxed by my mom and sister to register at babiesrus, walmart, burlington and target. So I have one done(bbrus) and another 1/2 done(wallyworld), so now I get to do the others next week. My mom is probably going to help me do target and the other as I think DH is burned out already.

I got a dresser from my mom and her boyfriend that we get to repaint and decorate for a changing table/dresser in the nursery. FUN. I love painting things like this. I hope I can find my talent in hand painting to do some drawer knobs like the John Lennon Real Love pattern. I can't stand to pay the ebay prices for those knobs so I will try my free hand at painting them myself. One thing I can contribute to a personal touch for the nursery. I will post b4 and after pictures of the dresser later. Oh, btw, the girl that used this dresser b4 us was a huge Beatles Fan. She had hand painted John, Paul, George, and Ringo all over this dresser. How ironic because our nursery theme. Ha I love this.

Ok, for the sad news. My sister and bil's best friends lost their 14 year old son this past Friday night to a accidental gun shot wound to his head. Please please please say a prayer for this family. What a tragedy to have happened to anyone. He was deemed brain dead yesterday and organ donation proceeded. His funeral will be this week but details are still being worked out. I can't even imagine living the hell of a tragedy like this. They have 2 younger daughters. I am keeping them in my prayers that they will make it through this week and gather the strength to move forward in their lives yet always remembering D and his passage into heaven. I won't post details because that is a moot point. Please consider keeping them in your prayers this week to make it through each day, hour, minute and second. And to hold steady as a family. D was a very handsome young youth with the love for his family and energy to boot. Please please if you are a gun owner, buy a GUN LOCK for the trigger. Keep it locked!


Tempe said...

I'm so sorry about your sister and bil's friend's son. That is an absolutely terrible thing to happen to anyone.

Just wanted to let you know that Burlington has the WORST return policy anywhere. If you can avoid registering there, you should. At least check the policy out before you get started.

tubelessstl said...


see, I can't avoid registering at burlington because my aunt works there and she is helping with the shower. Ugh. LOL I have had no less than 5 people try and tell me to NOT register there. How is Target on return policies? I am going there Friday night to register!