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Thursday, April 13, 2006

no go this time

but hey, at least we tried. At least we feel good that we are active in the process of a pool of birthfamilies.

Deep breath. This was an eyeopener for sure. From what we are told, the potential birthmother was already set on another couple as her second choice if the frist couple backed out, which they did. So we are ok with this.

We are in a good network now. I feel good. We are in 2 different agencies pools for potientical situations.

I will count our blessings that we are experiencing this all. It is a learning process that I will carry away a positive hope from.

Ok, so now I have the scrapbooking bug. OMG. Frick. I can't do it... it costs too much money right now.

Ok, new focus... Yard sale Season. I am having this year sale on the 22nd and if you are local and are spring cleaning and want to offload something on me, let me know here and I can get with you to pick it up. All proceeds of our yard sale will go towards bringing our baby home!

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