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Sunday, August 28, 2005

who would have thought

(GROSS STUFF MENT so if you have a queasy tummy, don 't read on)
(this is IF related in a way)



I have a nasty Planters Wart on the outter ball of my left food. Right where the bottom of my foot hits the ground when walking. OUCH. I had it removed about 4 years ago by knife(I don't have words to explain the PAIN that I was in from that) and now it has grown back to a humongous size. Take a Dime and put it on the bottom of my foot, not once, but 1.5 times overlapped. Soooo, my great 50.00 copay to see the podiatrist was worth it this time around. I met dr. A and he said since I was going through IF treatments, he did not want to surgically remove it again. He was so kind to say that if he does get to the point of needing to remove it then he would do it in the operating theater at the hospital and not in the office like the last quack doc did and I would need crutches this time unlike the other quack doc did not suggest.

BUT BUT BUT....he told me he could use a new oral treatment for this and it might take a month or two to work, this drug is showing promising advancement in the treatments of Planters warts without surgery. He told me to check with the RE and confirm that taking an oral ACID REFLUX medication was ok. So he gave me the name and sent me on the way to talk to the RE doc first then I was to call him that next week and get the RX if it was approved to take while TTC with IVF. RE doc said SURE! So I called and was dispensed an RX for Cimetidine (Generix for Tagament). Can you believe it? Yup. It is an RX prescription, unlike the over the counter dose. I am on An Acid Reflux medication once a day for at least a month and it is actually shrinking this nasty multi-headed Planters Wart on my foot. I can't get a good enough picture to show you the difference, but believe me, I am thrilled this is working.

I am going to have to try a second month of Cimetidine, but that is ok. It is killing 2 birds with 1 stone.. Acid reflux a.k.a. GERD and planters warts. YEAH.. The Foot doc did say it might take a few months to get this gone and I sure hope he is right. I fear the surgery to remove them if this RX doesn't help.



edited.... I just a fellow blogger that needs this help too. Oh.. another lady posted to The Naked Ovary to tell her she used clear fingernail polish and her wart went away too. WOW.. If this RX does not help I might try that. LOL Also, the Podiatrist mentioned the old wivestale of Duct Tape.. YUP! It does work for some. LOL for some reason my linking is not working but here is her site.

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