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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

over and out ..............well for a few days

Yup... rest and relaxation... I am out. Family reunion for Dh's family this weekend and we are making a camping trip out of it. I have to work tomorrow and Friday due to being on Disaster Recovery status at work, but that is ok.

We found out today at work that our battery fleet office in Kinner LA is gone... the battery trucks were still there, but the building was gone from around them. Amazing. They are moving the trucks to Baton Rouge and setting up a mobile station there. They were able to salvage several hundred car batteries so I hope that helps someone.

We still don't have contact with our Slidell office and Metairie LA office. Kinner is just north of Slidell from what I understand and if that building was lost / blown away, then most likely Slidell is gone too.

SOAPBOX TIME below.........
I sit and watch the news and cry with these people that are without food, water, etc... they showed a family on an overpass with their 3 yr old boy and he was going into what looked like heat exhaustion. Now they just showed someone taking a mom and 5 day old baby away in a car that has been stranded on an over pass. Where is the arial rescue efforts? I swear we responded quicker to the Tsunami in India than we are here in our own soil. Is it me just thinking that or is it true? I know roads are at an impasse for the most party, but where is the military with helicopters to drop supplies, water, MRE's? If these people did not lose their lives in the floods, winds etc of the Hurricane then they will surely starve and die that way on an overpass? WTF?!

I know, I will stop beating up our volunteers, it is not their faults, but I swear it seems our homeland response is so much slower than when we go to help other countries.

Ok, off my soapbox.

ok, try and have a nice holiday weekend and say a prayer for my sister on her Friday appointments and those involved with the Hurricane.

over and out.

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