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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Go ahead and Tatoo "Baby" on me

Let first start by saying I hate SPAM mail ... HATE it with a passion, but sometimes I get caught up in just reading the subject title to find out what june list I have been added to.(no, I don't open them!!! )

NOW I am getting.... ANYTHING Baby related.

B... Win free diapers for 5 years
B.... enter the Diaper award contest today
B......Let us help you name your baby
B.......Do you need a stroller for your baby
B........Do you want to win formula for a year

How about B..... YOU WILL GET PREGNANT WITH THIS NEXT CYCLE AND WILL CARRY TO TERM!! I need that kinda baby stuff first. HELLO?! I have to have a baby to use those FREE diapers for 5 years, I have to have a baby to let you HELP me name my baby! bahahahahahaha.... WTF?

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