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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Command Central said we are all clear for take off.

I got there this AM and nobody was waiting, I like that. I was called back a short time after that by Peggy and told her I was still sleepy and I am sure this Fluid ultrasound was going to wake me up. She directed me to the exam room, sitting in my nice sheik white drape on the exam table, Dr. Ahlering walked in and of course as always has a wonderful smile on his face. He said, "are you ready to get the show on the road?" I said, "Of course, let us start rolling forward". I like that great attitude he has and it rubs off on me.

The Fluid was injected into the uterus and then it began.....Cramping as expected. I took several deep breaths and Dr. A asked me if I was cramping up. Yup, but I was prepped for it. It came as no surprise. The screen filled up with the rushing fluid in the ute. I turned to look at the screen again and saw those nasty ugly blood clots I was yet to expell in the AF I am having. I am cycle day 6 and usually bleed as long as 8 days so I expected to have lots of residual bleeding from this and boy was I right.

Dr. A finished up the procedure and turned on the lights. Peggy left to work on my chart. Dr. A said we are clear for take off and asked again if I was on the October calendar schedule. I replied with a very happy YES! I then asked what his expectations were for my protocol. He was leaning towards Follistim and repronex with lupron. Ok with me.... Just brace me when I am on lupron for the migraines. LOL He then said I should hear from the cycle coordinator in the next few weeks and we are then all set for the October calendar. Hey, have I told you that I really like this doc? Well I do. I really like this attitude. He is not filling me up with false hopes. Heck, he even said my uterine cavity is in such great shape that we could fit twins or even 3 in there... I put a halt to that subject and said we are shooting for a singleton pgcy after our losses of twins. He agreed!

He left and I then spoke with Peggy to get things set for what my next step is. I am to expect a call from the cycle coordinator for my next steps. I am on week 1 of BCP's and they would most likely call me on week 3. She did hand me an extra pack of bcp's to carry me over another month because I will be on them into October before we start lupron.

This is getting exciting. I am excited to view the sample calendar for October too. She was kind enough to give me a copy of one and she did stress it might be tweaked a little, but in general I should expect to do retrieval the week of October 24th, actually later that week.

My AF really kicked in as I was walking out and I had to stop and take care of that. Thank goodness I was wearting protection so I did not mess all over myself. LOL I hate that. The RE's offices seem to give you this little 2 inch panty liner and they think that will catch the after flow of the fluid coming out.. NOT. LOL I was ready for the on-slaught.

Today is a good day. Today is a day to help me get into that mental mindset for prep to the cycle. I am back to losing weight, I am back to trying to get more sleep, I am back to keeping my schedule on track.

Ok, off to take my bcp! Happy Pill down the hatch.

Good Day to you.

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Tempe said...

Have you used the Follistim pen yet? HUGE reduction in the stinging. Even though the medication expires pretty quickly on that, I still have mine sitting in my fridge, even after the move.