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Thursday, August 11, 2005

day one of Provera since AF can't seem to find me

when I need her. LOL

is nowhere in sight so I called the office and talked to my new cycle coordinators voice mail. She called me back in about 5 minutes. She told me to pick up my script of provera tonight and start them asap. 2 pills a day for 5 days and then AF should show in 3-5 days after that. I am to then call them with CD 1 for what I don't know, but then to start bcp's this next cycle to keep me on track for the cycle groups for October. YEAH.

Remind me, what is provara like? I use to take it and it was for 10 days one pill a day and that was bad enough... made me a biotch and bloated... what will happen with taking it 2pills a day for 5 days? Will the symptoms be even worse even quicker in time? LOL


KD said...

Probably. I don't remember being too adversely affected by the Provera. Maybe just like really bad PMS. I know my cramps were worse. I just remember the HELL of Clomid. If that was my sneak peek at menopause, I'm in for a world of hurt.

tubelessstl said...

Thanks kd!!! nice blog btw.. hehe.. I am doing well on the provera so far, but there is slight spotting now. Hmmmm, I am sure AF will show and all will be swell with moving forward. OMG.. Clomid hot sweats were horrible. HOT FLASH CITY.