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Friday, August 26, 2005

it is 8:26 am and this is my morning so far...

dh was not awake yet(6:30 am).. but reason being was that he has to go give a SA today so that threw my morning routine off.

Then I get ready to leave the house and set off the house alarm. LOL oops. Cancelled that so the cops would not show then .......poor doggies don't like that sound of the house alarm.

I got into my car outside and NOTHING... not even a click of the ignition. DEAD.


I sit and wait here for A A A to show. pretty cool I get the VIP treatment since I am an employee

What an OFF mornging already.

GOod news is that AF is nearly gone... yeah.

Ok, off to go look for the battery service tow truck.

Happy Friday everyone.

I think I might have to do happy hour with a HUGE margarita tonight.

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