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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peer Chat session....

Ahhhh, I so like our local peer support group in town. WOW. Thanks Amy! It is such a great place to be able to just let it out ... our feelings for the week about IF, family, friends, work, etc...

What would I have done without support in town to help get through this IF?? I WOULD BE INSANE. DH would have had to take me to the local State Hospital! (which btw is not very far from my house!)

There is another support group in town this weekend, but it is professionally led by a therapist. It is also a great place for IF support. If you want details, please post in the comment section and I will give details.

I meet so many neat people and have been able to gain such great friendships through it all too. Since IF takes our so called Friends away from us (well, we really learn who our true friends are in the outside of IF world!) it is hard to gain new friendships when many of the outside world don't get IF. We tend to draw ourselves back from public situations when going through IF.

Ok, stopping the rambling. I will be posting an important post tomorrow... it is about someone that went through IF and had 3 kids, but is now suffering from Cancer. I will focus on that tomorrow. I have shed many tears today in silence at my desk and will continue to do so until she is cured!

Blessings to us all.

until then....

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