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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Remaining hopeful on all avenues

Although we are dealing with many unstable things in life right now, I will and am remaining positive.

My sis sounded upbeat tonight. her US and panoramic scan is now Friday morning early.. this gives them time to decide if it is necessary to biopsy or completely remove the mass if it looks bad. She said she has to hope for the best that it is not cancer. I sure hope the best for her. I will remain hopeful.

I have such a wonderful support system. Kel, Thanks again.

I sat back at work today and listened to a fellow co-worker describe what he has found out about Metairie LA office we have and where he lives. He lives near Burbon Street and said that since the levee failed, his house is most likely GONE. Gosh.. I had to stop and say thank you to the higher powers for what DH and I have... The co-worker said at least his family was safe, but not sure about co-workers yet. I hope they are not injured or worse. Houses can be rebuilt and lives can move forward, but if loss happens... gosh.

I sit and enjoy my nights at home with DH. Watching our Wonderful Cardinals win games(not tonight, but close). Watch our puppies play and gosh it makes me so happy. I hope and pray that nothing happens to us ... material things are meaningless.... My love of my life, DH, is all I need.

Our country has suffered a horrific loss, but can and WILL rebuild. We did not let terrorists take us over and we will not let Katrina take us over, although she is now almost gone from our land.

Together we will survive this all. No matter what is thrown at us.


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