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Monday, August 29, 2005

It is an evil thing, but hopefully beatable for many and.... (cancer ment, not me)

hopefully not going to strike my sister(edited with another WTF! below)

Today, my sister calls me at work and asked if I had a few minutes. I was busy due to Hurricane status at work, but I said sure. I did so because she sounded like she had been crying. Sis is 40.5 yrs old, mom of 3 wonderful kiddo's and wife to a local police officer. She tells me that she got a call today from her OB after having a huge work up for hormonal issues lately. Her Mammogram shows a very large mass in one of her breasts and she must come back in on Wed. this week to have an US and scan (not sure if Cat or MRI scan ) to determine what this mass is. It is located on the back wall of the breast up against the chest wall, breast bone/rib area. She cannot feel the mass by hand and it is very hard to see by Mammogram. She then broke down to me saying that she thinks it is cancer. This is my sis saying this, not the doc necessarily. I had to be strong for my sis.... she is 5 yrs older than me and she seems to be comfroted by me when she has medical problems. I asked her if she was home alone(she was sobbing by this time and I had tears in my eyes while at work fighting back a big sob), she said yes, but her DH was on his way home ASAP. I asked her if she wanted to tell her kids yet, she said NO... I then told her she had to stop crying and be brave for the next few days and PRAY HARD as she does not know what is going on just yet. She will be enduring lots in the next few days and worst of all is the wait to get results.

CANCER.................. It took my dad at the very young age of 49. Lung Liver and Bone. (Damn cigarettes and wood stripping chemicals Dry Cleaning chemicals) and He was not able to fight it as it was aggressive. He found out September 14th of that year and was gone by December 15th 1995. Some of the most horrifying days watching him wilt away and Be Angry. But after a few weeks of consolation from our local Parish Pastor, he accepted his dying and went to God. I love you dad. I miss you.

TEARS are welling up typing this. I hate it. I hate CANCER. I know it is part of reality that many of us have to deal with, but it is such a MEAN nasty disease that it rips my heart apart to see anyone suffer from it.

I can't tell you how many times I have sat on my dad's grave and talked to him, asking him to have GOD watch over this family that remains on earth. Not to make us suffer so I hope that prayer is heard and they take care of my sis.

Gosh, the lump in my throat from crying now hurts.

Cancer took my FIL at the age of 60.
Cancer is EVIL.
Cancer is a sobering reality of reminders that we need to enjoy every minute of our lives even if we are not the one inflicted physically. We must cherish every moment.

Cancer, I wish it gone and I wish and pray that my sis is not touched with it at all.

Fear is real, but beatable.

Please keep us in your thoughts. I will update in a few days as soon as sis knows something.

A local Friend, NatalieT, is going through Cancer after IF. Please pray for her. (click her name to read her journal).

WTF EDIT...... OMG.. My gradeschool friends mom just called me and asked for my moms home #. A friend of our familes that lived across the street from us for several years has just lost her battle with ovarian / uterine cancer. OMG. WTF is going on here? I need to scream, scream so hard that it makes my throat scratchy. It will make me feel better. SOB SOB SOB. THis lady lives in Sullivan MO so I can't go to the funeral. UGH. MY GOSH. I am so sad.

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Pitypat said...

Becky, i'm so sorry to hear about your sister - she must be more afraid because of your dad - but keep encouraging her - fight, fight, fight. Make sure she keeps a positive attitude---I know-how right?---but do what you can for her....make her laugh - keep her busy----man, i hate cancer. It took two of my friends - one at 22 and one at 37. I bet you she's more worried about her kids and her husband than herself too. Prayers are with you Becky.....
Patty (from the group)