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Saturday, August 27, 2005

so after 2 jumps

car battery jumps that is.... I had to finally have my car towed to the dealer we bought it from. When I got my first jump, I left for work and then got on the highway ..... the car totally died 2 times.. no power, digital radio screen dead, odometer dead... etc.. POWER STEERING DEAD.. OMG.. my heart about jumped out of my body when that happened. Of course I stayed in the slow lane most of the way to work. I got to work and turned the car off and it would not start again. I had to go into work and make my self known to be there then I had to call service again and have it jumped again to see if it was the battery or not.... well, after he jumped me again and he left, it died and would not start again... battery cables were tightened by him at my work parking lot, but it still would not start up.. battery light was on on the good marker so it was a mystery why this was happening. I quickly called the service and he came back to flatbed my car and tow it to the dealer. After numerous calls to the house, because the service people are too stupid to call the # I just gave them(work) .... they called my house at 3:45 and said the car was ready.. by then I had to ask them to fix my breaks too. LOL well it was ready and all covered under warranty. YEAH.. Back break pads replaced (front were done 2 months ago) and they machined the roters too. Plus a brand-spankin'-new battery. So it runs like a champ. YEAH.. Heck, it should for a 1.8 year old car.... not 18 year old car, but just over a year and a half old.

(edit here.. OMG who the hell let me ramble on in a longass sentence like that? bah)

I am glad I got my car back b4 the weekend ... hehe I hate being a 1 car couple.

Ok, AF is nearly gone... BCP's are ok. I am tired, but eyes wide open.. that equals INSOMNIA. Looks like a call into the GP this week to discuss me taking some ambien or that new replacement sleep aide that will not make me a habit formin' insomniac who is ttc.

Tomorrow is a clean the house day and then a Six Feet Under marathon. I tivo'd the last 1/2 of the season over the last few months and saved them for a day to watch all at once. SO DON'T GO SPOILING IT FOR ME!

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