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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

she said... owwwiiieeeeee, that shot hurt, but look at how big I am

Monday June 30th 9 month doctor appointment stats are:

17.15 lbs (30 percentile in weight)
27 7/8 Inches Tall (50 percentile in height)

he predicts she will be approx 5'4" tall and 130 lbs by young adulthood.

I still predict she will be taller. She seems so much taller than 27 7/8". She has started needing 18 month onsies and 12 month summer outfits at 9 months of age. I tell you, this girl will be tall.
here she is in the camper trying to get something off the table. hehe

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No Minimom said...

Yeah, I agree that your doctor is underestimating. She is a tall girl for sure. And an adorable one!