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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Her first Fourth of July in the outside world...

Last year at this time, J was in her tummy mommy's tummy. We had been in contact with her for a few weeks now by this time last year. So this year we celebrated in grand style.

First of all, here is her outfit. Yes, very patriotic.

She was able to see the fireworks that night, but this was just before the sun went down. She was trying so hard to get our attention outside while daddy was inside with her.

I sat and watched the fireworks with her on my lap. She did get a little spooked and cried at the screamer bottle rockets, but I bundled her up in a dry towel and let her watch as she clung to me in a kangaroo style hold. She loved the fireworks, color and bright bursts. (I wish I had given Dh the camera to show you, but I have this memory molded deep in my heart and will never forget this, her first 4th of July). This is some of the fun the kids (including DH) were having by the lakeside).

Thank you Lord for such a blessing of family and friends and our daughter and her birthfamily.

thank YOU so much!

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katd said...

I am so glad to see new pictures! She's getting SO big:)