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Saturday, July 19, 2008

socks, to wear them or not during the summer?

I was at the ball game recently and had a lady sitting next to us with a 9 month old boy. She had thick baby socks on his feet. I looked over and said, "Oh, socks at this time of year?" ... She was taken back a little, but later agreed it was hot out and took them off. I am talking 95 degrees with sweltering humidity. (We were in the shade so granted!)

Do you put socks on your child during the summer?

honestly, Julia has not had on a pair of socks since the first week of June 2008. I know only a few pairs of socks would fit her feet that remain in that drawer that I have obviously not touched in ages now.

Julia is oh so close to walking now so shoes might become a must sooner than later. When did you have your little one wearing shoes ..... As they were walking or a few weeks after they did walk? I only ask because after reading a few books and surfing for the best motherly advice online I have come up with a nearly split opinion on when a child just walking need to or should wear shoes. Give me your opinions ladies (an men)!

Ahhh, time for some fun daughter love over the weekend. I have the pass to the Zoo for Sunday morning. Tomorrow is playdate with a bunch of friends and their children at a West County park. FUN. I can't wait. Camera ready and extra bread to feed the ducks.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

OMG I wonder if you are going to my "fountain park" you will have to see if you recognize from the pics... if it might be that one bring a swimmy suit for Miss Julia!

As far as socks- no, B only wears them in the summer if she has on tennis shoes to go to the park. Never around the house. And otherwise it's sandals when we go out. She wore Robeez almost all winter when she was just crawling but that was more to keep her socks on/feet warm because of the weather. If she was a summer crawler we would have skipped it. She wore Robeez as she learned to walk and then once she got steady we got her a pair of Stride Rites which are almost all she wears. If I am going to spend $40 on shoes for a toddler she's not wearing much else!

beagle said...

I can't get socks to stay on . . . so it's a no here.


No Minimom said...

No to the socks in summer. They need a way for the heat to escape their little bodies! Gavin never wore shoes until he was a pretty confident walker since he only walked around the house.

stljoie said...

When my daughters were small, many years ago, the pediatrician said to let them walk barefoot at home to develope strenght in their foot muscles...at that time high top shoes were favored.

Michelle said...

no socks on the wee ones here....and if I remember correctly, MAM got her walking shoes as she was learning to walk. I think she had to have them for daycare (no bare feet allowed) and her knock off robeez were too small, so we went to Stride Rite. Her first two pairs of everyday shoes were Stride Rite--now she's a Payless Girl!

tubelessstl said...

Thanks for your posts everyone. The no-show socks from Fisher Price are what we used and they were great for the winter months. I do like the Target brand since they have a big cuff I can fold down several times.

beagle, search google for the no show socks from fisher price.. they were great. I think you can find them in boys colors too! hehe.

no minivan, I am this way with Julia now. I know she is only weeks away from walking, but she acts funny with shoes on her feet when we try and hold her hands so she can walk. I won't torture her to make her wear them.

two lines: I'll head over to Laurie's shoes next week to window shop. I want to get her feet measured, but I think we will hold off on buying anything yet. Although I will say I do live Julia's cousins' stride rite summer sandals.

stljoie.. I'll back you up on the no shoes now after her long weekend of fighting me to take her shoes off every time I put them on . LOL

petunia said...

Bec - there are actually arguments out there about the shoes or no shoes for walking...I personally think it's just the time of year...can't having them learn to walk in the middle of winter barefoot.... I do like the idea of no shoes inside - I think it gives them better balance because they must develop those feet muscles. toes and all---you can't do that as easily is shoes.