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Sunday, July 20, 2008

great weekend for friends & family time, oh and yard sale finds

Saturday morning Julia and I set out to meet our friends and their children (all from the local infertility support group) for a play date at Des Peres Park. Just before that we hit a few yard sales on the way and these are the great bargains we found....
Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra

and the Little Tikes Alligator Piano.

both for a total bargain price of 10.00 (yes, that is 5 bucks each. ) not a single thing wrong with them and Julia loves them both so far. Might drive DH crazy with the panio, but he is the one that changed the batteries in the gator piano and got it working so I'll lay the blame on him. ha. \

we got to the park and had a blast playing with her friends.
we then went to our friends house that we played with their two daughters and enjoyed some holding time for the twins of our other friends. I wish I had more hands (daddy's ) help with Julia or else I'd have gotten more of the twins (H & J are just a few months old now and I really wanted to hold them). I got some clothes for Julia and they are so cute. I think we found the next "pictures" outfit. Sweet clothes! Thanks to J and B!

Today we got up very early and headed to the most fabulous place (well, actually I was disappointed on the trash on the grounds) of the St. Louis Zoo! We got there around 8:30 and J enjoyed the first visit we made, The St. Louis Children's Zoo area. She so wanted to get in the water fun fountains, but we opted not to do that since it was not "hot" yet and it was our first visit of the day. So we then saw the polar bears, rode the carousel and went to Build a bear! On the way back from Daddy making her the very first Build a Bear Zoo Friend Leopard, we went on a train ride around the whole zoo. How fun and how fun it was to have brought back some great memories of riding the train when I was a wee little one! That train ride has not changed one bit, FUN! We even got mooned by a grizzly bear (man in costume) when leaving one station! hehe

Have any of you ever been able to make it through the WHOLE zoo in one day? If so, how many hours did it take you?

From there we went to our nieces 8th birthday party for our families and had a great time. Julia is just loving playing with her cousins now.

Milestones: while standing in the middle of the room, she took one step forward with her left foot today and then fell to the ground. It is just a matter of days before she gets the courage and full balance to take that step. Watch out, I've been told our world will never be the same with a walking infant in the house! hahahahaha.. I know, I laugh now, but I am enjoying every moment of this girls everyso growing life.

gotta go make a grocery list for tomorrow night. Even more fun.

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Harmony said...

What a cutie! Awesome deals on the garage sale toys :)