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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

have any of you taken your child's clothes to OUAC?

Once Upon A Child, is it worth taking these 0-3 3-6 6-9 month clothes to sell to them?

Some new, some gap, gymboree, baby lulu, old navy, carters(lots of new items we never took the tags off of)...etc...

Sure, I want to keep these for baby #2 in the future (long future), but I honestly don't have the storage at my house.

Have any of you done the selling to Once Upon A Child?


Two Lines On a Stick said...

I have taken a few things, to there and to Kangaroo Kids. KK only takes ugly stuff that looks outdated, I know that sounds mean but they don't even take a lot of Gymboree or Janie and Jack kind of stuff- I guess because most of their customers are hippies, I don't know... At OUAC make sure you take the clothes in the right season and you will get more. It's been hit or miss for me, like take in a new $20 item with tags and they might offer you $3 or something. Anything Gymboree with tags you are much, much better selling on eBay, their resale value is great, just make sure you look up the name of the line, you can check at www.gymbohave.com

Michelle said...

you know, I haven't tried to sell there. I just bought some things though--I got a boppy cover, a towel and a swaddling blanket all for $6, so i can't imagine they pay much! If there's a swankier shop in town, they might pay better if you don't want to go through the hassle of ebaying yourself!

Kelly said...

I have taken stuff there, but they don't seem to pay well for nice things. Try going to Purple Cow on Gravois. I do better there, and the owner is super nice.

petunia said...

I went once and was insulted at what they wanted to give me - I LUGGED in a few things - like the bouncy seat...it was BRAND NEW - J didn;t even use it (maybe once) - pink, clean and beautiful. They gave me $12....I was so ticked. I kept the other stuff and said "I'd rather give this to a shelter than let you make $50 on a $60 item. I went to Kangaroo kids and they only will take things in season too and choose the strangest things to buy.
I'm going to try the Purple cow - thanks Kelly!