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Sunday, June 29, 2008

camping.... that is what the doc called for

and we took her advice. DH took off Thursday AM and took both doggies to St. Francis State Park in MO. Our sweet daughter and I met them down there Friday evening and so enjoyed our weekend. No, No alcoholic drinks for me from the stress of this past week so no, sorry, no stories of drunkenness to share. Ha. Although my sleeping pill sometimes makes me feel a little drunkenness when I take a full 10 mg pill, which I did Friday night. It was DH's turn to watch Julia! We rotate nights out so it was his night to keep a sleep ear out to the monitor for the receiver next to Julia's pack-n-play set up in the back of the camper. I got a great night sleep. Ahhhhhh.

Saturday we went to the "beach" on the Big River, which btw is not high from any type of flooding. I was able to get Julia in the water and then sat in the shallow area while she insisted on trying to pick up a hand full of rocks and trying to shove them all in her wee little mouth, but no, instead she got to throw a hissy fit because mommy kept knocking those rocks out before she could get them. Mommy then found one big rock and let her play with that. Then there was an attention getter for her, a 5 month old puppy playing in the water. Oh she loved that. (heck, they both loved that). We watched "angel" play and play with the owner and a ball she would chase.

Saturday evening after eating dinner, the 3 of us went for a nice walk and then stroll up to the playground.
This is what Julia found up there.... A swing!

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Elizabeth said...

She is so sweet! It is so fun when babies first get big enough to swing. Our little one wasn't so sure about it at first. She made the funniest little worried face, but she didn't cry!