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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Best Playgrounds / kids water parks in St. Louis?

Ladies, mommies... Come help me build a list of local parks that have great playgrounds for the kids and also parks that might have water spout / sprinkler features.... I want to take Julia on a Sunday park tour for the next month or so and find new places she will love climbing around in / on / and getting wet at.

My pick so far is DesPeres Park at Ballas and Manchester. 2 Great playgounds and a water sprinkler pole!!!!! (hint, the timer for the water pole is just inside the bathroom gate on the wall between the mens and ladies bathroom doors. 15 minutes of fun time before you have to turn the dial again. Thanks to Boris & Jen for letting us know that. They are working on rebuilding the parks fishing pond, but I hope they have it done soon. I'll try to keep you posted on that one.

Where is your favorite park to play?

suggested age of play:
what type of equipment is there?
water sprinklers?

Oh and I forgot to mention... we would like to find parks that are FREE... but if you so think there is a good price for another type of play time then please do share that and let us know how much it costs to get in per person.


stljoie said...

We go to the Tower Grove Park farmers market on Sat. mornings...not because there's a huge market. It's small but with interesting produce and people come with small children and their dogs. It's behind the pavillion that is behind the playground that has a toddler pool with with spouts of water to hit and splash through. The water is inches deep...like 3 or 4. Your family would love it. Did I mention there's live music? There's coffee and crepes...sweet or savory. There's organic home grown vegetables and meat. Go...you'll be happy you did.

petunia said...

Have you tried Twin Oaks Park behind the Twin Oaks church on Big Bend near 141? -- it's awesome.
Let's also not forget about Suson Park - they used to have animals I hope they still do - it was such a nice park off of Tesson Ferry....

tubelessstl said...

stljoie, thanks. I grew up playing and bike riding in Tower Grove park and LOVED the wading pool in the center of the park. I will check th is out. Thanks for the reminder.

petunia, I don't get out to west county much, But one Saturday or Sunday I'll go check it out. I love this!

Thanks for sharing ladies.

Oh. I live by wilmore park and there is an ok set of swings and gym to climb on and you can feed the geese / ducks, but no sprinklers.

Also, I think there is a good playground at Lindenwood park on Jamieson in the City. I'll check that out soon. I've only driven by it and it looks to be a busy place on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Tower Grove Park is fabulous. Have you tried the all-inclusive playground at Tilles park on McKnight near Manchester? It is fabulous, too. It has a great water sprinkler feature (several fountains to play in), as well as great playground equipment. There is also a "musical instrument" section near the sprinklers...it has a big xylophone that little ones can bang on. Very fun!