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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

gogurt is her new love

I bought some gogurt on sale two weeks ago (with coupon!) and fed one of them to J that night. She liked it, but was frustrated I had to help her with it. Too messy for a 9.5 month old to feed to herself. I put it in the freezer and decided that I would try and feed them to her like that. She loved them even more! Last night and tonight I have fed her one whole stick of frozen gogurt. She will let me feed them to her too without fuss. This is so fun because she sits on the kitchen floor and gets upset I can't feed it to her fast enough. I guess she does not want to hold the stick because it is so cold on her little hands, but she sure loves it on her gums.

Speaking of her gums. Those teeth are going crazy on her. She now has 3 teeth all the way through the gums. Her two bottom teeth that were coming out all wrong a few weeks back went back in and are now broke through the gums coming up the correct way. Ahhhhh. Glad that those two did not come out pointing to the bottom front lip like they were trying to. Then she has one more up top that is through the gum also. It is her second tooth over, not her front like I thought would come in first. Crazy.
I am just glad she is so little that she won't remember the pain it causes when those teeth break through the gums. OUCH, poor little girl. I know all you moms out there understand this feeling where you are helpless in fighting the pain except for orajel or teething tablets or the typical oral pain meds your doc allows you to use on them.
I felt helpless the other night after a round of teething tablets, tylenol and later dimatap for her cold as she was still crying. She did not want to drink her milk from the bottle because it hurt her to suck and then it hurt her to have her binkie in her mouth too. I gave her the frozen teething ring and that seemed to help a big for about 10 minutes and then the crying started in again. Ouuwwwieeeeee. I wish mommy could make it all better with the snap of a finger.

The other night we got into the swim pool and she had a blast in there. I can't find a swim lesson schedule online for the local YMCA .. I must not be looking in the right section of their web page to find that schedule so I could book a class for her. Anyone take swim lessons at the new YMCA on Sublette?

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Molly said...

even better then the tylenol is motrin (can't spell the generic of it, you know the one that starts with an "I") It seemed to work better on the twins then tylenol ever did.