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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do you clip?

my sister is the coupon queen and she does not even play the grocery game. She has never heard of it until I mentioned it to her last night. She and I went to the local in town thrift stores and then to shop-n-save for a few quick groceries. She never shops without coupons, but She does not shop for products according to the coupons in the paper. She clips, organizes them in this huge coupon box and then shops per need of items and she continually checks her box to see if she has a coupon. Last night she shopped for items for the trip to the lake today. She spent $55.xx dollars and had $6.00 in coupons. WOW. That is huge.

My goal for shopping is to have coupons to cover the taxes I pay to the store for either sundries or groceries. For example, I plan on buying Julia's supply of diapers and wipes. My sister clipped huggies diaper coupons and pampers sensitive wipes coupons. I will use those against my total bill and it will cut my tax costs. I hope to go through my coupon (zip lock bag) envelope and find a crest toothpaste coupon or paper towel coupon. I see the Ads in this Sunday paper has a beechnut baby food coupon. I plan on using that at Schnucks because they finally started carrying state 3 beechnut items. Gerber is so expensive and is hardly ever on sale.

When I do online coupons, some companies do require you to install a printer software. If you don't feel comfortable doing this then don't. I watch what their terms of service calls for (installing spy ware basically ) in ways of installing things on your computer with downloading the printer software. Coupons.com is a good place to print from. I too have never tried the grocery game, but I am going to talk to my friend ab out how it works for her. Do you do the grocery game? If so, let me know so maybe we can chat about it.

DO you use coupons? If so, share some of your secrets with me please!

Cost cutting is a must with gas prices so high now and clipping coupons for certain items we need really does help in the long run.


Mutha Mae said...

I do almost all my shopping at Costco and I use the Costco coupons for sure.

Anonymous said...

I've done the coupon thing, but it's extremely time consuming, and I completely gave it up when I found Aldi. The prices there are amazing, and if I want something more exotic, I head to Trader Joe's. They have some great deals too, and both chains are owned by the same family.

Milk at Aldi is about a dollar less per gallon than Schnucks, and the fruit and vegetables are excellent.

As for diapers, I say save the bucks and buy the Target brand. I thought they were just as good as the brand names, and were even less prone to leakage.

Congratulations on your daughter!!!


tubelessstl said...

So Mutha Mae, do you get coupons from Costco exclusively because you are a member? What does a membership cost per year? Dh has a Sam's membership, but I Think it will expire soon. Do you go to the one in S. County?

tubelessstl said...

anon, Thanks for posting. I do agree that coupon cutting is time consuming, but it pays off for some like my frugal sister (I don't blame her for being frugal with 3 kids at home). I'll post an update of what I saved on my trip to Target last night.

Oh, don't get me started on milk. DH loves the oberweis glass bottle milk and gets it from Schnucks. VERY VERY expensive. I don't drink milk much, but I Know when Julia transitions over to cows milk from formula, I'll be searching out the cheapest milk.
Diapers - I always buy with coupons. The only brand so far out of Pampers, Target brand, White Cloud, Parents Choice and Huggies that she won't leak out of is Huggies. So I beg my friends locally for huggies coupons. Usually 1.00 off. I also shop around for them because sometimes Kmart has them on sale.

Harmony said...

I keep saying I'm going to start using coupons, but so far I really suck at actually getting them and remembering to use them...