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Friday, June 06, 2008

Reading to our daughter, talking about her lifebook

No, I am not a scrapbooker, but I can tell a good story. This story starts at an early age for Julia about her birthmother and her birthmothers blessing she has given in having selected us to become her adoptive parents for the rest of her life. Her MOM and DAD. I am again picking up the book 20 things adoptive kids wish their adoptive parents knew and it has really stirred the thoughts in my mind of when DH and I will really start feeling comfortable to give that explanation of how she grew in her tummy mommy's belly and how we were all at the hosptial the day she was born, including her birthgrandmother and her birth siblings came later to see her along with both birthfamil.y friends and our family and friends. Such a loved and welcomed little girl. I hope she knows that we will never stop showering her with love from all sides of her immediate family and extended birth family.

We plan on telling Julia her birth story and letting her decide when it is appropriate for share what she feels comfortable with sharing. This is HER lifebook story and I'll alreays remember it, but I will let her know she can keep it to herself or if she wills to, she can share it with any one person or many as she chooses to do so. THere are certain things that are not made public even with such an open adoption agreement. It is out of respect that we don't share those things and honestly Julia is entitled to be the first to know those things. At this point in life it might be 2 or 4 years before she understands the simplest explanation of who she came from and how much they all love her so and how much we love her no matter what.

Those of you that adopted, how has it fallen in line for age of when you started really explaining things to your child about their birthmother/father and family? Just curious to see how it varies in ages.

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Heather.PNR said...

I've told a simple version of my son's adoption story to him since he was an infant--at the beginning it was mostly to get used to telling it myself, since he was too little to understand. But also so he'd just always have known it and I wouldn't have to guess when it was the "right" time to start telling him.