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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parenting joys of watching my girl grow up so fast

Ok, another Julia first.

I dropped her off at my sisters house the other day. First thing J wants to do is sit on the floor by the back door and look out at her two dogs. My sister immediately picks up the dog food bowl and water next to the door inside, but I noticed Julia had something in her hand right as my sister moved away with the bowls. Her hand instantly went up to her mouth, as it does with anything she picks up, YES, you guessed it... DOG FOOD. ewwwww

I was quick enough to sweep it out of her mouth. Thank goodness.

She is being persistent about crawling behind the end table next to the couch and finding the electrical cords on the lamp. phone, etc... I will have to zip tie them up, but the laptop I can't do that to. How the heck can I keep her out of these cords?

We are hoping the weather is nice on Friday. Please please please don't rain on our parade to Grants Farm. If it does rain, I don't know what we will do. My thoughts (along with my sisters) are to go to the Science Center, but everyone and their brother will be there too.


Stephanie Elie said...

I feel you my kids are quick to put something in their mouths. At least you can take comfort in the facts that dog food is made for human consumption. Yuck.

tubelessstl said...

Thanks for your comment Stephanie Elie..... I laugh now when I think back to the days when my mom told me the local homeless man that did yard work for my neighbors always bought a can of dog food and ate it each week. I thought she was joking until I saw him on the step outside the corner market with a knife opening the can top and then dipping it in and eating the dog food off the knife. Ewwwwww, but hell, it could have been more nutritious than that candy bar I was eating on the way home that day. Ha