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Saturday, June 07, 2008

her first swim in our pool

Julia just took her first swin in our pool. DH took some pictures, but I'll have to load them from his camera later. Also, I'll be sure to get him to take a few of her alone in her floater (which btw, she hates!!!!) while screaming bloody murder to get out. LOL She did fine if I held her and let her play with the new squirt toys I got for her from kohl's Thursday night.

I need to look into swim lessons. I am a great swimmer and can teach her well, but I do want her to go through lessons since we have a pool in our yard. I wish I could take these lessons. Infant / toddler survival techniques in the pool, but man I can't afford to pay for those.

Yard sales were ok today, not the greatest of bargains except today I scored a little tikes country cottage Play house for Julia. I know, she is too little to use it yet, but for 20.00 how could i pass it up? YES, 20 dollars. I had to take it apart and bring it home in DH's truck, but I could not pass up a bargain. L'll have vto power spray it the week, but a good item for playtime in a few months. I got her some books and some small teethers that were new.

major house cleaning this week.

oh, get this, my neighbors house is up for sale and has been empty for a few months now. She called me to tell me her house was broken into last week and the thieves stole all the copper pipes out of the house. YIKES. police told her that her house was one of three in our neighborhood that was robbed of just the copper pipes. One house was occupied when it happened at night. WHAT? How the hell did that resident not hear it?


stljoie said...

I found out the house being rehabbed next door to me was robbed of among other things the newly installed furnace. Because there were so many trucks bringing in and taking out stuff all the time, I may have watched it happen.

Harmony said...

I would LOVE to do the ISR swim classes as well. But those videos of it make me cry every time!

tubelessstl said...

stljoie, isn't it scary to know that they are robbed basically in broad daylight? I am so paranoid of noises outside late at night when I can't sleep. That is why I insist on having a house alarm.

tubelessstl said...


The ISR swim class would be a dream, but I'll work with her in my pool as much as possible.