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Sunday, June 15, 2008

results of my coupon clipping.....

Target was my place of shopping last night. No, I did not feel like driving at 9 pm to another store for slightly cheaper costs when the stores were going to close within that hour anyway.

My costs were $131.89, My taxes were $6.84 at 7.7410% and another 4.6409% for $1.41/ Tax total was 8.25, my coupons rang up to 5.00 total so I nearly covered 3/4 of my taxes to be paid. No bad. I wish I had more, but a bunch of my items were Target brand. I had to buy a bath mat because my dog ate the other one (really!) when she accidentally locked herself in the bathroom the other day while we were at work. At least she didn't eat my new cabinets in there! So that was a large cost, plus we got target brand formula for Ms. Julia, Bottle liners (again target brand), Floss (which I can only use crest glide and can never find a coupon for that) and crest toothpaste( my coupon was expired and Target won't let me use that one, believe me, I tried). Target brand paper towels, napkins and last my HUGE cost was my Fusion Razor blades for my "lady" razor I use. That company never has coupons for the Fusion brand. Heck, I think I'll call them to get them to start producing coupons in the Sunday ads.

Ok, not a bad coupon day. I get to go grocery shopping later this week so I'll see what I can save.

Shop for products, not for the item you have coupons for and try the store brand... maybe, just maybe it might work for you on some things.

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