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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

confused and scared....(update on mammogram)

Well, The initial reports the day of my mammo last week were "all clear" from the in house at the time radiologist.... then the docs office calls 2 days later and says "all clear" then I get my letter in the mail from department of radiology and it says "evaluation of your mammogram reveals findings that need further study. Results of this exam have been sent to your doctor listed above. We recommend (checked) more exams and clinical correlations."

WTF.... my head is spinning.


I know, I know, this most likely is nothing since I have fibrocystic breast tissue, it most likely means that they want radiology to do an ultrasound to make sure they cannot see anything.

Oh please let it be nothing.

I got this letter this evening so it was too late to call the doc's office, of course.

deep breath. (see my post 3 posts back about my appointment and you will know why I am confused... LOL)


No Minimom said...

OMG, scary! I'm sure the lab is just being extra cautious and your doc looked at it and didn't see anything to be worried about. But still, scary!

Sarah-Lynn's mom said...

Sounds exactly like what happened on my mammogram a few months ago. Everything looked good when I left, and they told me so.

A few days later I got the letter that state abnormal results were indicated that needed further investigation and to please call them back as soon as possible. Scare the holy living crap out of me!!!

Squished my boobs flatter then I ever thought that they could again. and still weren't happy so I got a very simple u/s and they found nothing at all. but I was scared @$!#less for a couple of weeks.

Praying everything comes out OK.

stljoie said...

I've been through this several times. It is so scary. I had to have a needle biopsy once...not at all extracting fluid. If it comes to this, you want to see Dr. Marlys Schuh at the Breast Center on Ballas. It's where the doctors go or send their family. She is the best in St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

My breasts are so fibrocystic that once an intern that examined me called in some other students to see them. Good times.

I've had the good mammo/bad mammo thing too. In my case, they did an ultrasound and determined that I had a "water filled cyst," which was no biggie.

I hope they get this resolved for you soon. Waiting around is AWFUL.


Michelle said...

yikes! I hope that it turns out to be nothing...will say a prayer for you!