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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

shoot, dangitalready, frick frack

one of the cabinets we bought and DH put together is too deep to put in our bathroom as we had hoped. Ugh. We will leave it up to the contractor to decide when he does the install if it is usable. If not, we have to eat the cost as we don't have the box to return it and since he put it together with the screws for the back it is considered used now. Lowes most likely won't take it back for refund. Shoot, Dagnabbit. Money down the drain if the contractor can't figure out a way to fit it in there. What a mess. Maybe he can cut about an inch off the whole floor to ceiling back of the cabinet to fit it in there, but that would be some hard work. I'll keep you posted in a few days when we talk to him for when he does a walk through of what our plans are. HAHAHAHAHA, nothing is ever easy, right?

I don't like the mirror vanity we bought, but I'll live with it for a while (maybe a few months) before we can afford to take it out and install some cute brushed nickel finished handled mirror mounts for the sink mirror. huummmmm.


Anonymous said...

In my experience, Lowes has an extremely liberal return policy if you have a receipt. Not only do they give you something like a year to return things with receipt, but they'll often take things back that are not in the original box. It might be worth a try to contact them and see. Good luck.

Harmony said...

Can't hurt to try! Hope it works out for you :)

sandi said...

I hate when our home improvement costs any more than it has to. But yah for the bathroom remodel- I wish sooo much that we could work on ours! By the way, I have almost that same exact mirror in one of our bathrooms.