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Friday, April 18, 2008

shake shake shake... did you feel that?

I heard a small knock knock knock through Julia's baby monitor and then it slowly built and built and then RUMBLED.. RUMBLED... I woke DH and told him we just had an earthquake.

We both got up. I fed the dogs, checked on Julia and turned on the tv. Yup... fox 2 news just confirmed a 5.4 magnitude earthquake was centered around West Salem IL. WoW.

Some minor aftershocks are expected to hit too. I can't believe it woke me up.

did you feel it ?


Kostello said...

yes, pretty unexpectedly

Stuck in my head said...

I know I might be considered a punk since it was not super strong here in St. Louis, but it scared me. Don't want to feel that again. And definitely not while I'm trying to sleep.

christy said...

I was reading your post while telling my husband what happened (he's not in town) and your description (the knocking, the building, the rumbling) was dead on.

katd said...

YES!! I just blogged about it, too:) It was really scary and so unexpected in this midwestern area! :) Glad all is okay, though!

Anonymous said...

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and felt it. Me and hubby were sleeping on our waterbed and all of a sudden everything stated sloshing and I was like "Did you feel that?" and he was sound asleep!?

I work on the 11th floor of an office building in downtown Indianapolis and we felt aftershocks this afternoon.

Our eight-year-old son slept through it. LOL!

Last one I recall was in June 1987.