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Friday, April 11, 2008

what it all means... Joy, emotions, tears and love

today, April 11, 2008, you were a fuss bucket tonight when I got home from work. Daddy was holding you when I came in the door and as soon as you saw me you smiled, but as I walked to the dining room to put my purse and bag down, you threw a fit. This is one of your newest milestones (at least that is what I call it). You have a separation anxiety issue now. You don't like it when we leave the room for a split second. Even tonight, you cried hard, screaming, when I went 2 steps away from you. WOW, nice lungs girl. Exercising the lungs is a good thing, but it is becoming ear piercing. LOL You have a great way of expressing your feelings and most of the time it is through smiles, but tonight and the last few nights it was through a high pitched pissy scream. I LOVE IT. I really do. The wait for you to come into our lives is all about this. I am not complaining, but rather documenting this for you to know how you are growing up so fast.

Next milestone is that you are eating like a little piggy. I love feeding you, as it is always a challenge. Each night you seem to change your habits of eating. Tonight, you hardly ate, but rather liked your gerber cookie stick. Sucking on it and getting so messy. I took your shirt off and bib off tonight when I gave you the cookie stick because you get it everywhere. I love that too. Thank goodness you got a bath tonight after that.

You love playing with your peek-a-boo blocks and toys. We sit you in your crib to play often while we clean your room or work on other things in the house. As long as you have a toy to play with, you are so content.

Tonight you were sitting on the blanket on the floor and realized that Sadie(the youngest pup) had her paws hanging over the edge of the couch. You reached over, grabbed her paw (she did not flinch) and you proceeded to shake her paw back and forth and then put her toes and paw in your mouth. I reached over and asked you to stop, you did stop eating her paw, but you did keep shaking it back and forth. Sadie just sat there looking at you and enjoyed the attention. Ha. Just wait until you are walking and chasing her, Sadie will quickly find the highest point to avoid you I bet.

This past week, you were at Aunt C's house with cousin L watching you. When I came to pick you up, Aunt C told me that you were saying Mama. Daddy said you said it also tonight. You know how much this melts my heart? Oh my gosh. tears well up just thinking about it.

When we are in the car, you babble more often now. I kind of wish my drive to take you to the sitters house was longer so I could bask in your chattiness. Bahahaha

while on your tummy the other night, you got up on your arms and arched your back and proceeded to push yourself in a complete circle around the floor. I guess the backwards crawling is next.

No teeth yet, but I do think something is going on with your bottom front gums. We will see, I know that tooth or teeth will come in sooner than later.

YOu have grown out of your 6 month footed sleepers. You are now having to wear the 9 month sleepers with feet in them. Otherwise you are able to use the 3-6 month clothes and most 6 month sizes also.

I loved spending the day with you yesterday. We had no sitter and daddy was not home from Charlotte yet so I stayed home with you on a vacation day. I must say that although I only have 12 vacation days left for this year, the day's I have taken off so far mean and help me remember that it is all worth every moment with you.

Blessings as you grow girl
happy smiles are here
blow raspberries and give your head a swirl
you are my cuddle bear.

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