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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

diving back in. Renewing our homestudy

yes, we decided that we are going to renew our homestudy. Or home study, whichever way you want to write it. I'll stick with homestudy, even with spell checker telling me is is not a word(but two words).

I made my appointment online today with this new company . They use to be called Identix, but now another company owns them. See, in our first homestudy we did, DH and I went to the local City (dh) and County( me) police departments and had our "paper" finger prints done. Then we had to write out a check and send them to the state highway patrol to run our backgrounds and clear our fingerprints for OK for Jefferson City to approve us to be "clean" with our backgrounds so we could be approved to adopt legally. I go Monday to a high school not too far from my work. I asked my boss for a long lunch because I had to be fingerprinted and he was shocked, I guess he thought I was in trouble or something. LOL Then I told him it was for our homestudy renewal for adoption. He then seemed shocked we would want to adopt so quickly after our daughter's finalization this past month. Ha, who knows how long it might take again. heck, it took us from early 2006 to September 2007 to finally have a successful adoption with placement.

Ok, rambling, sorry.

So we also have to get new physicals, I have to get a letter form the pediatrician for J saying she is in good health (her appointment was at the end of March). THere is a whole list of items we need to get and have done before our social worker will finalize our homestudy.

You might ask why we are renewing... well, maybe, just maybe a situation will fall into our laps, but maybe not. In the long run, financially it is better to renew our homestudy each year instead of letting it lapse and having to do a new one from scratch.

more on this later. I have got to get to bed.

I hope all of you out there that are reading this and waiting for a placement keep the faith that a match and placement will happen. It WILL, I won't give up hope for you. I won't.


hope548 said...

I don't blame you for wanting to get things started. It can certainly take a while! Good luck getting it all done again.

Cibele said...

Happy Mother's day. You deserve to enjoy to ejoy every minute of this day