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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

spring brings a cold front

a cold as in sick. Julia, DH and I.

we love to share, but this is enough sharing of our colds. I feel much better today, but i bet my co-workers wished I had stayed home yet again. nope, i had to go in and catch up. I swear I am not contagious. Julia sounds like she is snoring while napping on me while i sit here typing one handed. DH is feeling better after doing some zycam (sp?) rounds in the last few days.

have you tried zycam? with my allergies to lots of drugs like sulfates and ibuprophin & aspirin, i am so afraid to try those types of cold meds.

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petunia said...

I swear by saline....ocean spray for the babe and Simply Saline for the adults. I sear by ut - I have not been sick once in over a year (it;s a 40 year record for me!)
Please get lots of rest and eat well.... take care of that cold! All of you....