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Friday, April 18, 2008

aaaachhhooooo, sniffle, achhoooooo

dang, between the fevers, sneezing and coughing, have you heard our house rattle off its foundation last night and today?

Julia is running away with her runny nose. Sneezing and coughing. She had a slight fever last night that tylenol broke. She was good this morning so DH took her to the sitters knowing there was a good chance to get a call that she spiked a fever again, but never happened. Me, on the other hand, Sick as a dog from around 3 pm yesterday from after our court finaization of Julia's adoption. It hit me and hit me hard. I was down and out in bed at 10 pm (after watching Julia because DH had his nephew call to ask him to go to the cardinals game with him) I zonked with sleeping pills, antibiotic and tylenol in me, but it still would not break my fever of 100. I could not break that fever all day. Tylenol would bring it down a notch, but not enough to feel better. ANd now tonight, Julia's temps are normal like 98.3 and mine are back around 99.7 and 99.9. Ugh. I can't shake this crap. Swollen glands in my throat, aches, coughing up green crap and sneezing and almost making me pee my pants. THAT HAS GOT TO STOP SOON. My weak bladder can't take that sneezing abuse. LOL

Ok, wish us no more head cold days. AGain, I think Julia is breaking a tooth in so this is her warning us it is about to happen. Ahhhhh


anyone else sick this quick too?

ok, little one is down to bed, DH is sleeping (hopefully not catching my head/chest cold and fever) and I'm off to join them in REM dream sleep stage.

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