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Monday, April 07, 2008

passing my ebay torch to my momma..... come view her ebay sales

my mom and aI have worked on Ebay sales of these baby bottle holders for the last few years to help us fund our adoption. It has really paid off and helped us pay for several little ticketed items in this current adoption of J. She was all worth the work.Well, now that a majority of my time is spent with her at night and since I work full time during tghe days, I am not able to keep up with my ebay sales. I have no passed the torch of selling over to my mom. She sells fabric patterns / sewing patterns / and a few other hand made items so now she is adding in the baby bottle holders in those sales also. Those sales will help her in her retirement she lives by now. She also told me that a good portion of the funds will go to a savings account for the college savings for all 7 of her grand children on my side of the family, which thankfully now includes Julia in that account savings. SWEET.

So if you have a moment please go over and peek at my mom's sales on Ebay.

her seller name is :sidneyray0

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