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Monday, April 07, 2008

progress all in the name of time......

well, we have a new tub installed. New blue board around the tub, tile around the tub, new plumbing for the most part, new plaster patches on all walls, some paint put up and that nasty popcorn textured ceiling taken down too. Thank goodness the plasterer (is that even a word?) was able to scrape all of that nasty popcorn ceiling texture off by hand and was able to make it so smooth and repaint it white. Yeah. It looks so much better. He was also able to paint the color DH had picked out for the walls, but needs to come back and repatch one wall and then do the cut in trim painting. The tile installer / contractor is coming back Wednesday morning and will work most of the day on putting in the grout and then installing the floor tile and grout. YEAH. Progress All in the name of time. It is taking time because of a few snags in the road, but it will be so much better for us to use with Julia growing up so fast now. She is really getting too active to sit in the kitchen sink for her baths anymore. LOL

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beagle said...

Progress is good!