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Sunday, April 27, 2008

still fighting colds off for all 3 but new words make it all better

man, we are so ready to be over these colds. Julia is mostly dealing with the stuffy nose at night and it makes us nervous listening to her sleeping. While camping this weekend, we took our normal turns of watching her at night (listening to her on the monitor), but DH took her into bed with him in the camper and let her sleep right next to him so he could keep an ear on her breathing. It was really hard for her to breath through her nose and was tending to cough a lot. Last night I watched her and she kept snoring so much because of the congestion. I know there is nothing we can give her and just need to let it runs its court so we will hang in there. Camping was fun. I got to take her for a walk on Saturday with a few friends. It was a great time. I got a little sunburn. That sunburn makes me worry about Julia now too. I have sunblock on my list to purchase for Julia. I am afraid of getting her burned so much it will hurt her. I will be diligent with the sun block for us both.

This weekend also brought on a new word to add to her vocabulary. She currently says mama. This has been her first and only word for a few weeks now. Today dh and I both confirmed she is now saying baba, which in Julia language means Bottle. We worked with her tonight on this and she sat in her booster seat for dinner and reached for her bottle and said baba. I am so trying hard to make her next word "papa" for her daddy. The other day I said dada and she truned her head to him to make sure he was there. So I know she is associating words with what they mean. Especially when I say doggie - she will instantly turn her head and spot one or three of the dogs we have. She loves her puppies.

Also, tonight we tried giving cheese chuncks to Julia to try and she LOVES them. I fear constipation from cheese, but she could not get enough of it. I will work on giving her some diluted apple juice when she eats lots of cheese to keep her moving, if you know what I Mean. Cheers to her trying more and more "table" foods now. The doctor encouraged it now that she is 7 months old.

Yes, 7 months old. OMG, girl you are getting so big. I'll set you on the scale at home tomorrow and let you all know what she weighs. And I need to measure her length. I bet she is well on her way to 26.5 inches long. She was 26" long 1.5 months ago. She fits well in a 12 month footed sleeper. THis girl is going to be towering over DH and I in a few years time. Bhahahahahaaha

been thinking about her birthmother so much this past week. I think I need to make a call to our go between contact to make sure she is doing ok. Usually we leave it in the court of J's birthmother to contact us when she is ready to see us in person, but I just want to give her a hug because I know she knew court was for us last week to make the adoption final. We love you H!

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Fingertip Offerings said...

You can purchase some saline nose spray. It is pure saline...no chemicals...and spray it in her nose. It thins out the congestion and will help her breath better. Also Johnson & Johnson makes a baby vapor rub, it has rosemary, lavender and some other natural ingredients. Rub it on her chest and it will help soothe her.

Ask your phamacist about the saline spray. Here we buy a brand called "Lil Noses".