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Thursday, May 01, 2008

We are proud parents again, this time it is quads..... (bunnies ment)

no no no... not a human babies, but baby bunny rabbits. Look, they are so stinking cute.

Our dog discovered the nest yesterday morning and had one in her mouth by time DH got out there. He was able to rescue that one and we got them back into the nest. He put another piece of trellis to keep the dogs back from the deck trellis. The mother rabbit nested right under the edge of the deck by the trellis line. So I left some carrots and strawberries there to entice the mom to come back, but after nearly 36 hours the nest had not been visited again by the mom. So I took it upon myself to rescue them. I thought there were 4 babies that were maybe 2 weeks old, but I soon discovered tonight there were 6 babies. SIX. two did not survive the night. I will dig a small grave for them tonight in the yard. Meanwhile... here are the remaining 4.
I did this hand rearing a few years back from another next my doggy in heaven discovered too. So I will get my skills back in order for hand feeding every few hours. I think they are about 1.5 weeks old. two have fur, but none have their eyes open yet.

Anyone willing to take them from me and hand rear them? I'll suppy the cage and the syringes to feed them.

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Harmony said...

Awww!! (although, I'm so glad human babies come out cuter! Hahahaha)