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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

that which is stolen is found

Well, for purposes of possibly catching the thief, I'll leave the details untouched. But the truck was found yesterday late afternoon. Now we wait for the insurance company to give their report, which I think would take at least 2 weeks. I hope it is totaled, but if not, we most likely won't keep it much longer after it is repaired and returned. Apparently a whole bottle of mens cologne was spilled all through the cab of the truck and it smells a mix of that and bad nasty arse according to the husband.

Thanks to the officers that found it! Good work.

meantime, I got hooked on America's next top model and am watching it tonight. I would be watching the cardinals, but they are making me fell ill after such a good game last night. Maybe if I don't watch them we will come back and win. We need to overtake the Cubs for first place now. Yes, the cubs are in first. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals are playing decent ball and I hope it keeps going that way.


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ChristineBlossom said...

Great Job on your Bloggers! I am linking your site and blogs to my sites. I am using some of your info also. (hope that is ok)

Also....I am making a SQUIDOO Lense with your Baby-Bottle-Holders I am working on it right now. I will let you know when it is published. You can also make a Lense your self.

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Again, Great Job. How are things going anyway?

Linda's In law not out law... haha

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Becky! I'm glad I found your blog. Hang in there... I think about you often and with so the best.
Laura (LauraG1 from inciid)