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Sunday, August 19, 2007

nephew still in the hospital

my nephew is going on week 4 of his hospital stay. 24 days in there and still more to come. He went in at 96 or so pounds and my sister said he is down to 73 lbs. OMG at 12 years old?!. He has got to get better. He is still not able to eat. Every time he goes off his iv meds his liver and kidney funtions go down. Nothing to eat by mouth yet. He tried the other day, but he was in too much abdominal pain to continue so they put him to a no eating order again. I am praying he can get back to a full function of eating orally and not through an IV.

His sister started high school this past Friday so I hope he can get home and get better so he can start his 7th grade year very soon.

prayers to him and I hope I can update you with a going home post for him soon.

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