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Saturday, August 11, 2007

First pitch?

Yesterday, DH, myself and his whole family (immediate) went to the Dodgers vs. Cardinals game. We sat 1 row from the very very top of the stadium. Very very nice. We were out of the sun so we did not swelter too badly.

Upon entering the stadium gates we were given FREE t-shirts to each adult passing in the gates. Nice shirts. We enjoyed the game until the 2 run homer was given up in the top of the 9th... We valiantly tried to win it in the bottom of the 9th, but to no avail.

Meantime I brought the t-shirt home and went online to join the promotion that is on the sticker on the shirt to throw out the first pitch at a cardinals game. If you joined this promotion you had to say why you wanted to throw out the first pitch and I said I wanted to be able to overcome my fear of stage fright. Yes, Bad stage fright. If I would win the first pitch I would HAVE to go out onto the field and what better place than with the BEST Fans in the game of Baseball! Yes, I would let my beloved cardinals fans in the stands cheer me on and watch me throw out the first pitch. LOL One sure way to overcome my fear of stage fright. LOL.

I am working on some ebay stuff, stay tuned and I will try and post more on my other blog with new auction pictures.

My nephew is doing great apparently. Still in the hospital, but gaining strength each and every day. Thanks again for the continued prayers. I'll give my sister a call this afternoon to check on my nephew and I'll post an update in the AM so check back then.

Cheers to a great day and productive one at that.

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