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Thursday, August 23, 2007

getting nervous, in a good way

I like butterflies in the tummy, most times, well today is one of the more exciting times. See, this Saturday we are meeting w/ the social worker(s) from our adoption agency and she will be introducing us to a potential birthmother(pbm). Actually, This is the birthmother we were matched with a month or so back. We are trying to become more comfortable with the situation so we all decided to meet in person Saturday.

I am reviewing many sets of different topics to chat about with the pbm. I know if there is a lull in the conversation that the social worker will be there to help throw topics around. That makes me so comfortable. I have asked DH to think of some questions too.

I have tried 3 times to write this post, but I am scared I will jinx DH and I to not be able to have this potential situation work out. I know, you all might say I need to have confidence in myself, but I don't want to flub up and make the pbm mad or upset. I'll take the cues from the s/w and try to go with the flow on Saturday.

I have been reading the one book I posted about earlier(7/25/07) on open adoption, most likely if this situation would work out, it would continue to be an open adoption and this book will have been a huge help in knowing what to expect and anticipate. What a great purchase off amazon.

Meantime, DH and I are going to go looking at cribs this weekend. We have a crib in the nursery, but it is from my niece, who is now 14 years old! I would be ok with the crib, but the rail brace is broke and I don't want to risk our future child's life in a dangerous crib. So we will be seeking out a crib at either target or sears or babies r us. Any recommendations?

btw, my nephew is still in the hospital. Getting much better, but such a slow recovery. I hope he comes home soon. Thanks again for the prayers.

Another note, our friend, Natalie, had great news on her cancer journal today. YEAH!


Mich said...

Oh how exciting! I'll be thinking of you Saturday...and if I can be of any help in the open adoption arena, please email me!

I remember our first meeting with J and G two years ago. Once we got talking, it just flowed. I hope that you get the feeling that "it's right". When is pbm due???

The Phoenix said...

I hope it all works out for you.

Karaoke Diva said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! I really really really really hope this child is lucky enough to be placed with you guys. S/he couldn't ask for more devoted parents.

twolinesonastick said...

I will be praying for you guys that everything works out.

Cribs- we have the Martinique Lifetime Crib by Delta, from Babies R Us. We are very happy with it. A lot of the cribs that are convertible into toddler beds don't have sides that lower, and this one does. Also, it's on wheels. and we found a dresser to match it that isn't JUST a changing table.

Dana said...

Good thoughts to you two for Saturday. You'll be great! Just relax and be yourselves and I'm sure the PBM will see the great qualities you both have.

JennyK said...

Another lurker who will be thinking of you tomorrow.

petunia said...

You know I'm there with you in spirit on Saturday (you have alot of us!). Like I said before, just be yourself, even confess how nervous you are because she probably is too... Hope it's a great match and the meeting helps her decide, sounds like she needs to do this. ((((((((hug))))))))

Beagle said...

Good Luck with the meeting tomorrow! Fingers crossed for you!

petunia said...

I'm posting this on Saturday at 5pm ----- I've been thinking about you today and wondering how it went - blog soon or e-mail me at

k8jonkat said...

Hi there from NC. I just found your blog and it is such a comfort to me to read about your experiences over the two years since I am currently going through the nervousness of being matched with a BM this week and waiting 4 weeks until delivery of the baby boy. Your July-Nov. 2007 posts are such an inspiration to me and it's so great to hear from someone who has been through it. thank you so much! Kat